Jane Lucky

Jane Lucky

Fun-filled hidden object hunt through exotic locations


  • Non-linear gameplay
  • Reminiscent of older, traditional PC games
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Lots of locations to explore


  • Graphics are still-frame and basic
  • Some text pop-ups are repetitive


Jane Lucky is an adventure game that takes players to exciting locales while they solve puzzles.

Another title from Big Fish Games, Jane Lucky is hunting for a hidden artifact shrouded in mystery.

With a non-linear storyline that gently guides players forward at their own pace, Jane Lucky takes you from pyramids to remote islands to jungles, in one single game. The object is to collect objects that can help you solve puzzles to advance you further in the game. These puzzles often require players to rearrange images, memorize sequences or put objects in the right order to obtain a specific goal.

While the graphics in Jane Lucky aren't going to win any prizes, particularly when compared to today's much more detailed RPGs, fans of puzzle solving PC games will find them detailed enough for their click and point endeavors. The majority of Jane Lucky is still-frame, with the occasional action frames complimenting movie cuts that push the game forward or supplement the storyline.

Text boxes are used to interact with other characters or clickable objects in Jane Lucky, and most if not all text contains clues or hints to help solve future puzzles. If you click too often on the same character or object though, expect to get repetitive responses.

Jane Lucky is a fun game for users who enjoy a side of puzzle solving with their adventure storyline.

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